What type of Furniture and wooden goods are made in China

 China ‘s furniture and wooden goods industry is well established. Many of the factories  furniturecabinetsdepot.com  works with have been established for decades. As a result, the industry is very diversified and can make a very wide range of goods. If it can be made of wood,  China  is pretty well set up to produce it. 

Plywoods furniture

MDF goods

Solid wood

Wooden goods and household accessories

Wicker furniture


Flatpack furniture

Cabinets (such as kitchen cabinets)

Bamboo goods and furniture

and much more!

Case-goods in  China

Case-goods is a broad category of products that includes everything from kitchen cabinets, closets, chest of drawers, bookshelf and more. These are basically items that are designed to store items and the industry sometimes refers to the goods as Cabinetry. Case goods are made out of a variety of material, most commonly MDF with a heavy coat of lacquer paint, Plywood, often with a veneer to give it a premium look, Or solid woods, which tend to be stronger and sturdier, but also comes at a premium cost. Due to the large size of finished Case-goods, most manufacturers pack them flat for shipping where the final assembly is done on-site.  

Case goods often have additional components such as knobs, rails, locks and more. While the wood is usually sourced from  China  the components tend to still come from China.  

Another Shipment ready to go!

Flatpack furniture in  China

Flatpack furniture, made famous by Ikea, is furniture that is shipped or sold unassembled, usually in a flat package. There are really two types of flat pack goods, Those made for consumer and those made for professionals.  those that are assembled by the end consumer, which is also known as Ready To assemble Furniture. This furniture usually comes with tools and instructions. This is popular as it saves the seller on both shipping and storage cost which usually allows them to sell the furniture cheaper. 

Many items used in home, office, and hotel construction is classified as flat-pack, these include items such as cabinets, bookshelves, tv stands bed frames and much more. When a manufacturer makes items for these goods they usually rely on the final assemble people to have the appropriate tools and hardware to assemble the furniture so they are usually shipped by the components and pack flat and efficiency. IN many cases they are packed directly into a container in order to maximize the amount shipped, with pieces marked by chalk and rough instructions. 

Bamboo Furniture and Household items

Bamboo is increasingly becoming a more popular item to make furniture and other wooden goods out of due in part because it is one of the most sustainable materials to work with. Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree, and it can grow back when you cut it down. Bamboo can be made into boards but it behaves differently than most woods, and thus you often need to find a factory that specializes in working with bamboo. It is most commonly used to make handicrafts out of as well as flooring.