Where are the new trends and growth opportunities of home furnishings?

Where are the new trends and growth opportunities of home furnishings?

October 26, 2021 source: Tencent home

At present, the intergenerational change of consumers is deeply affecting the pattern of the home industry. According to the Research Report on big data and benchmark enterprises in China’s home industry from 2020 to 2021 released by AI media consulting, at present, young and middle-aged groups are the mainstream of home consumption, accounting for 65.0% of the people aged 26-40. Whether in terms of consumption habits, demand or consumption mentality, there are great differences between the new generation of consumer groups and the older generation of home consumers. They have higher requirements for the quality of life. At the same time, they pursue personality, fashion and efficiency. The iteration of consumers has also created a new round of drift in the wind direction of home consumption. Accurately capturing the demands of new consumer groups is the core point for home enterprises to seek new growth.

Domestic goods have become a new trend of consumption

Born in the era of China’s economic take-off, the post-90s and post-00s have strong national identity, national pride and cultural self-confidence, and have a natural acceptance of domestic goods. Therefore, unlike previous generations, they blindly pursue imported products and look up to foreign brands. They are more willing to pay for new domestic goods that contain rich traditional cultural elements and are more in line with consumption characteristics and psychological habits.

In recent years, the development speed of domestic brands is very fast. Both product quality and core technology are no less than foreign brands. With high cost performance, they are attracting the favor of young consumer groups and are grabbing back market share step by step. According to the 2021 report on the trend of affecting China’s residential lifestyle, at present, domestic brands account for more than 70% of the consumption amount in many household life categories. The market data of e-commerce platform also supports this phenomenon. Taking the “618” sales data released by JD as an example, there are more than 500 domestic brands of household products, with a year-on-year increase of more than 300%.

Brand takes the trendy and cool route

The new generation of consumers pursue “self”, “personality” and “uniqueness”. They love rock bands, rap music and secondary elements, and are often more attracted by home brands with trendy and cool cultural characteristics.

Under the situation of conforming to the development trend of the times and grasping the core consumer groups, in the past two years, many enterprises in the home building materials industry are also accelerating the transformation and upgrading of brand youth, fashion and trendy cool, so as to reshape brand value. After 28 years of development, Guanzhu ceramic tile held the “people’s daily cultural and creative China Tide communication project” on September 27 × Guanzhu ceramic tile cooperation signing ceremony announced cross-border cooperation with people’s daily culture and innovation, opening the era of brand “tide”.

Ye Delin, chairman of the new Pearl Group, said that only through “tide” innovation in seeking common ground while reserving differences can we truly reflect the hard core strength of Chinese ceramic tile brands and lead Chinese ceramic tile brands to stand on the world stage.

Product design country

In recent years, the “national tide” has quietly sprung up and caused a strong storm. The national tide culture comes from the 5000 year historical civilization of Chinese culture. It has both cultural connotation and return of value. It is both classic and trendy. It coincides with the new generation’s consumption concept of pursuing fashion and paying attention to personality, attitude and feelings. According to the 2021 Guochao proud search big data released by the people’s Network Research Institute and Baidu, Guochao’s attention has increased by 528% in the past decade.

China’s hot tide is also reflected in the decoration and home consumption of Chinese people. The report on the trend of Chinese people’s home affecting China’s residential lifestyle in 2021 points out that the new Chinese aesthetics has become the mainstream style of home decoration, 40% of consumers say they like the new Chinese style, and the scale of the new Chinese home market is growing year by year and tends to be younger.

Gao Song, general manager of the planning management center of the new Pearl Group, introduced that the joint space “Huamai inheritance” launched by Guanzhu Huamai and cultural innovation of the people’s daily was created by Guanzhu Huamai IP new products, and composed of 14 new designs and colors in the two series of “Yaobao Longmai” and “Dunhuang impression”. Guanzhu Huamai IP new product is inspired by Chinese traditional culture and is a cultural and creative product created by Guanzhu with humanistic care, aesthetic value and practical value. Taking the essence of ceramics as the root, taking the ancient capital of China as the pulse, Guanzhu Huamai interprets the bright impression of Chinese cities with the current visual language.

“One stop” home decoration consumption is very popular

The fast-paced life makes the new generation of consumer groups pay more attention to convenient consumption while pursuing personalization and fashion. The painstaking and laborious traditional home decoration mode is no longer the * * of new consumer groups. For them, it takes time and energy to repeatedly rush to buy products in major home stores and stores, so they prefer one-stop home decoration services with high cost performance, worry and effort saving, high efficiency and quality. According to the 2021 decoration consumption trend report released by Tuba rabbit big data research institute, the demand of the new generation of decoration users for one-stop decoration is increasing day by day. The proportion of one-stop decoration users in 2021 increased by 160% compared with that in 2020.

This has also led to the rise of “solution” and “one-stop” formats such as whole house customization, large home furnishing and decoration in the home furnishing industry, which has become a new outlet for the development of the home furnishing industry and a strategic layout for the transformation of many enterprises.

The impact of the change of consumption trend brought by the change of consumer subjects will be lasting and far-reaching. The household industry is entering an important turning point, and enterprise innovation is imperative. Especially in the face of the increasingly significant personalized tendency of consumers, only by understanding consumer demand, brand remodeling and business model integration and innovation can we seize a position in this reshuffle, Keep fit.

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