Which of the four fashionable shoe cabinet styles suits your beauty

Which of the four fashionable shoe cabinet styles suits your beauty

The entrance hall is the front of every home. The soul furniture of the entrance hall is often the shoe cabinet. The entrance and exit of the hall for shoe change are the etiquette and respect. It is also an indispensable part of the household design. There are four kinds of popular shoe cabinets on the market today. They are embedded, parallel, ladder and independent finished products. These four kinds of popular shoe cabinets have their own advantages.

I. Embedded Shoe Cabinet

Embedded door shoe cabinet is doing more and more, it combines with the design of door ceiling, not only beautiful and practical, but also greatly saves indoor space.

II. Parallel Shoe Cabinet

Usually it is designed by hanging, leaving a place for slippers below. The top cabinet can be decorated with green plants or photo frames.

  1. Stepped shoe cabinet

While satisfying the reception function, it also adds interest. It can place shoes of different heights. It can also design a shoe changing stool at the entrance for convenience and comfort.

  1. Independent finished shoe cabinet.

Now there are many beautiful finished shoe cabinets on the market, you can choose a beautiful and suitable finished shoe cabinet according to the decoration style at home.

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