Wood Door Construction

Wood Door Construction

At Allegheny Wood Works, we know wood and we know doors.

We have put this knowledge into our methods of door construction to ensure quality manufacturing that combines old world wood craftsmanship with current technology. While our doors are truly solid wood (no thin veneer over particle board) we have engineered stabilizing attributes into the door’s construction.

Most of these attributes are based on the fact that the more wood is cut and glued, the stronger it becomes. Gluing woods together with mixed/opposing grain patterns make them stronger and less likely to bend and warp.

solid wood door construction
Some Key Features Include

door construction key features
Engineered side stiles. Still solid wood construction. No thin veneer over particleboard where you have to be concerned about scratches, knicks and sand throughs. Due to the engineered construction technique our side stiles are less likely to bow or twist. Note: Actual dimensions will vary due to machining and sanding process.

Solid rail construction. At AWW, we face glue two solid boards together for the center stiles and horizontal rails. This provides solid wood beauty and minimizes warping or movement due to face glue construction.

rail jointery
Joints secured by cope-and-stick tenon. All jointery (where the parts of the door interface) is cut with the highest quality insert tooling. We have invested in the best wood cutting tooling to provide fabulous jointery that glues well and is virtually gap-free, structurally strong and beautiful.

Top rail jointery is double secured by cope-and-stick tenon and steel reinforcement anchors or wood dowels to compensate for extra pressure on the top rail of a door when hanging.

Hidden foam expansion inserts to allow for natural expansion and contraction of panels.

Wood expands and contracts, you can’t stop it, so we design for it. These foam inserts are installed down inside the sticking portion of the stiles and rails where the panel is inserted.

As the panel expands, the foam compresses without the panel cracking.

If the panel contracts, the foam expands reducing the possibility of the panel rattling.

Panels are solid wood, no veneers. Panels are edge glued solid boards to bring you solid wood beauty while minimizing the chance of cupping or cracking. Raised end grains are sanded prior to being installed to simplify the finishing process.

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