Wood Furniture Inspection

Furniture designs are continuously evolving to meet modern designs and fashion trends. This evolutionary development in furniture poses considerable quality, safety, and durability challenges for manufacturers in China, and Asia in general.

To verify these attributes in furniture, its raw materials, and manufacture throughout the supply chain, furniturecabinetsdepot.com offers a range of  furniture inspection services from pre-production to the end of production and loading.

Why it’s important to inspect furniture?

A furniture audit is extremely important prior dispatch to your clients as it can greatly help you in clearing out issues at an early stage and help you save cost and time. Here are a few benefits of having a professional furniture quality inspector audit your furniture:

  • Save cost and time by finding out any issues in dimensions/specifications of the furniture
  • Avoid any regulatory violations by delivering high-quality furniture that fulfills the regulatory requirements
  • Maintain a good brand image by reducing the rejected products due to defects/flaws in the final design
  • Save costs on re-works and product call-backs by delivering flawless furniture
  • Avoid any damages to the furniture during packaging and loading

Organizing a furniture audit is a win-win step for your company that you will always cherish.

Furniture Quality Control Approach

furniturecabinetsdepot.com’s quality control approach is multi-dimensional and based on internationally acclaimed standards of quality testing.

We test your furniture from various aspects including:

Carton drop test.Assembly test.Function test.Other stability testsSymmetry check.Endurance test.Sharp edge check.Wheels function check.Weight check.Measurement check.Load testHumidity content.

We follow the highest quality standards in furniture manufacturing and you will feel the difference in your brand image once you solicit the furniture testing services of Tetra Inspection.

Furniture lab testing approach

Not all the furniture tests can be carried out onsite. As such, our team of experts will send a sample of the furniture to a state-of-the-art furniture testing lab that will test the material of the furniture for aspects like flammability and fire resistance testing.

Also, the furniture lab testing determines the lead content in the wood’s surface and the amount of pentachlorophenol and formaldehyde in case of composite wood furniture.

Once the lab test report is out we will share it with you at the earliest and help you in making amends in the light of the report.

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