Wood tenon connection of Cabinets

Wood tenon connection of Cabinets 

The wood tenon connection can give the cabinet three advantages:

First, it has good connection strength and high accuracy. The wooden tenon assembly adopts special wooden tenon and special machine to open holes, and the top plate and side plate of the cabinet body have different ways of opening holes. After the special white emulsion glue is applied to the opening parts, the wooden tenon assembly machine is used to assemble them. After the assembly, the joints are tight, the assembly effect is effectively guaranteed, and the assembly accuracy and connection strength of the cabinet body are improved. The traditional connector assembly, the use time is too long, especially the use frequency of cupboard is high, the screws of connector are easy to loose, thus affecting the connection effect.

Second, it has strong aesthetics. The connector assembly needs to be punched on the cabinet surface. If the hole position is improper or the installation effect is not good, it will affect the aesthetics of the whole cabinet. The wooden tenon assembly is to open holes in the cabinet plate, so the surface flatness is high after connection, and there is no exposed connector after assembly, which has strong aesthetics.

Third, it is easy to clean. From the perspective of cabinet cleaning, if there is a gap between the connector and the connection hole, it is easy to gather dust and other substances, which brings inconvenience to the cleaning of the cabinet, neither sanitary nor environmental protection.

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