Xuzhou: implement hierarchical supervision on furniture manufacturing enterprises

Xuzhou: implement hierarchical supervision on furniture manufacturing enterprises

E-commerce online retail is an important part of the city’s economic form, especially in Suining County, the annual sales of e-commerce furniture has nearly 30 billion yuan. With the rapid expansion of e-commerce furniture industry, the overall quality of products is not high, no brand has been formed, and enterprises are small and weak. In order to ensure that the product qualification rate can be greatly improved in the national, provincial and municipal e-commerce furniture product quality supervision and sampling activities this year, Suining County has launched a comprehensive battle to improve the quality of e-commerce furniture since this month.

According to the special action plan for improving the product quality of Suining County’s e-commerce furniture industry in 2020, this year, Suining County’s market supervision department will focus on high-risk enterprises such as children’s furniture and wood-based panel furniture, increase the training of quality laws and regulations and the publicity and implementation of standards; increase the quality inspection of e-commerce furniture products online and offline; and implement the actual situation of offline furniture manufacturers We have adopted the “ABCD” hierarchical supervision mode and incorporated it into the long-term grid supervision. We have increased penalties for unqualified enterprises in random inspection and forced them to suspend production for rectification. We have traced back the source of the unqualified products and carried out special rectification actions for the quality of furniture raw materials. We have strengthened law enforcement linkage with market supervision departments such as Yuhang District, Sucheng District, Suqian City and Lanshan District, Linyi city, We will carry out joint rectification and increase cooperation with Alibaba, JD and other online business platforms. If necessary, we will impose penalties such as demotion, closure and product off the shelf for illegal stores, so as to effectively improve the quality and safety awareness of e-commerce furniture enterprises and solve the problem of low qualified rate of furniture products in the county.

At the same time, we should give full play to the technical support role of the testing platform of Shaji Laboratory of the National Wood inspection center, and provide enterprises with all-round quality and technical services such as standards, measurement, certification, inspection and testing, quality talents, etc. by setting up a one-stop quality service window; we should strive to create a healthy and standardized online trading environment, and comprehensively improve the development quality of Suining e-commerce furniture industry Level. Urge e-commerce furniture manufacturing enterprises to strengthen the main responsibility, achieve 100% quality filing, 100% enterprise standard self declaration, 100% product quality and safety commitment, continuously enhance the main responsibility of enterprises, and substantially improve the quality and safety of Suining e-commerce furniture products.

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